How to get the most out of the course

So before we dive into the content, I want to take a few minutes to explain how the course is set up, and why it’s set up the way it is. 

Because this isn't a ‘normal’ course - where you just watch the videos in order. Sales doesn't work that way.

To start off, we have to take a quick look at what you’re supposed to get out of the course...

“To learn sales, duh!”

Well, yes. But it’s more than that.

I’m trying to help you get from zero (or wherever you are now) to $10k MRR. As quickly, painlessly and reliably as possible.

Learning how to do sales is a *major* part of that. But it isn’t the only thing.

There are other challenges that’ll stop you from reaching your goals.

In fact - from my own businesses and the hundreds of founders I’ve helped over the last few years - I’ve identified the four most common reasons that founders in your position don’t get to $10k MRR…

You misdiagnose your problem

This is super common amongst founders. It’s when you realise something is wrong, but misdiagnose what is causing that something to go wrong.

For example, founders often think the reason people take meetings but then don’t buy is because the product is too expensive or missing features. When - in reality - it’s often because they did a poor job at understanding and handling objections.

And - if you don’t know why you’re going wrong, you don’t have any chance of fixing it.

You don’t know how to solve your problem

Let’s say you *do* diagnose your sales problem correctly. You recognise, for example, that you’re doing a poor job of handling objections. Then you still need to work out how to handle objections correctly.

You lose motivation

The sad truth is, most bootstrapped companies don’t end with a bang, but with a fizzle.

And that’s nearly always down to lost motivation. Being a founder is lonely - especially when you aren’t seeing the results you’d like.

You lose momentum

What happens when you keep working on the wrong things, don’t see improvements, and lose motivation?

You start working less and less on your business. And distract yourself with fun things like coding, instead of driving your business forward.

In early stage businesses, momentum is crucial. Once your sales slow down and you lose momentum, it is very, very hard to get the ball rolling again.

So - after a lot of trial and error - I’ve set up the course in a way to help you overcome all of these challenges. To make you likely to succeed.

Here’s how it works…

The course is split up into four parts:

  • Problem-diagnosis content
  • Problem-solving content
  • The Slack community and accountability tool
  • 1-on-1 coaching (coaching-track only)

Let’s take a look at how this works in detail…

Step 1

You should start with the relevant problem-diagnosis content to your situation.

For example, you might be stuck on “how do I get people to talk to me?”

So you’d watch the video content, read some examples, and fill in the worksheets for that section. At the end, you’ll have diagnosed why people aren’t talking to you, and what you need to do to fix it. You may find out, for example, that you need to work on your cold emails.

Step 2

So your next step, now that you’ve diagnosed your problem, is to use the problem-solving content to solve your problem.

In this example, you’d use the cold email section, where email expert Laura Lopuch and I walk you through everything you need to know about creating cold email sequences that convert.

It’s a mix of video lessons, worksheets, examples, and actionable templates.

So, in under 30 minutes, you’ll have everything you need to solve your problem, write amazing cold emails, and get potential customers to talk to you.

Step 3

When you’re facing a challenge like this, it can be easy to feel demotivated and stuck. And sending cold emails isn’t exactly ‘fun’ - it’s easy to miss your goals.

So you can turn to your secret weapon - the Slack community - for motivation and accountability…

  • Share your concerns
  • Get feedback on language
  • Commit to a daily email goal and be held accountable with our daily/weekly goal trackers
  • Ask for referrals/connections to potential customers you should be reaching out to

Whatever you’re working on, the Slack community will hold you accountable and support you. So you’re more motivated, keep momentum going, and are more likely to succeed.

Step 4

If you’re in the coaching-track, we’ll have fortnightly calls where we take a deep dive into whatever your main challenge is, and overcome it quickly. I’ll hold you accountable and give personalised feedback and advice. 

This means the course covers all bases. Whatever is holding you back from getting to $10k MRR, we'll solve it.

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